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S Badger 
& Consulting Services, LLC.

Authenticity, Self-Compassion and Gratitude creates Wellness!!!

S Badger Empowerment & Consulting Services, LLC offers a wide range mental health services including individual, family, group therapy. Immigration Mental Health Assessments and other forms of Forensic Services is also available. Contact us to learn more.

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Therapy can help one move toward understanding of who we are, why we are on the planet. As one grows and learns about oneself life becomes more purposeful, meaningful, satisfying and joyful.

Simona Badger, LCSW provides comprehensive support, prevention and education services to women, men, families, children and adolescents and under-served populations affected by health disparities, trauma, self-identity issues and poverty. She is a compassionate, professional and culturally competent therapist that provides a strengths based perspective to therapy. Simona believes that in working together through a trusting collaborative relationship one can gain support to alleviate emotional pain and begin the journey of self-acceptance. Her extensive experience includes: helping clients with divorce, relationship problems, sleep problems, grief, work related stress, family stress, and immigration concerns.

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Goals for treatment are developed and adapted by collaborating with clients throughout therapy.

Late afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments are available to accommodate clients with busy schedules.

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142 Lafayette Street, Newark, NJ United States 07105

(973) 392-9473

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Online Immigration Mental Health Evaluations Training Saturday September 16, 9:00 to 11:00am


Immigration Evaluations Training(VAWA & U-VISA) -October 28, at 9:00am

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Register on this for this training at or using the link below.

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Help Center

Why is authenticity important in therapy ? 

A lot of people enroll in therapy because they are interested in learning more about themselves and to share their personal journeys. It’s very common that people experience self-identity crisis, which negatively impacts their overall health. 

Black Women in particular have often experience what we term “Authenticity Crisis” due to racism and Intersectionality  they often cope by code switching.  They are supported in therapy by taking action towards self-examination and self-representation. 

What It Means To Be Authentic? 

Being authentic means you show up genuine, original, real, actual, and true. 

But what does it really mean to be an authentic person living an authentic life?

Do you agree that Authenticity is important in all that you do? If so how? 


If you are one of those individuals seeking support around your identity please feel free to inquire about an appointment today. 

How do I know if Simona Badger, LCSW is the right therapist for me? 

I appreciate you visiting my website and your interest in my mental health services. I value the therapeutic relationships I have with all my clients. I’ve offered brief phone introductory interviews with all potential clients over the years because it’s very important that both client and myself feels that hiring me as their therapist would be a good match. The information I’m providing here is not a substitute for our brief phone introductory interview but it may provide you with more information about me. 
As a psychotherapist, I believe that in working with my client, through a trusting collaborative relationship one can gain support to alleviate emotional pain and begin the journey of self-acceptance.My extensive experience includes: helping clients with divorce, relationship problems, sleep problems, grief, work related stress, family stress, systemic oppression and immigration concerns. I offer a holistic approach to client centered therapy by aligning clients mind, body, spirit and emotions. I provide holistic intervention through creative arts therapy, mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, body centered therapy and story telling. I specialize in Afro-centric and culturally sensitive therapy. I honor collectively healing, spirituality and racial identity work in my treatment approaches.  

If you can’t find your question above, get in touch with us - we’re happy to help.

To schedule a phone interview reach out.
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Simona Badger, LCSW  

Executive Director, Founder and Psychotherapist 

Hi!!! Thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Simona Badger, LCSW. I’m a therapist and group therapy practice owner, in Newark,NJ. I provide trauma focused, culturally sensitive and holistic therapy to marginalized communities. Most of my career I spent treating individuals with experiences of domestic/sexual violence, generational and racial trauma. I also conduct Immigration  Mental Health Evaluations and provide professional development trainings to mental health professionals.

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Mirandah Phillips, LSW 

Part-Time Telehealth Therapist 

After a thriving private practice in treating underserved communities in Newark, NJ,  S. Badger Empowerment & Consulting Services, LLC is pleased to welcome Mirandah LSW, to our team. Mirandah is a Part-time Telehealth Therapist with S. Badger Empowerment and Consulting Services, LLC. Mirandah is an experienced, compassionate and holistic therapist. 

Mirandah’s areas of expertise includes treating children, adults, and families, who struggle with: goal setting, school challenges,

self-harming behaviors, self-sabotaging behaviors, maternal health concerns 

anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviors, low self-esteem, trauma, parent and child conflict.

Mirandah is currently accepting new clients. 

Contact us today to set up a Free 15 minutes  Consultation.

973-392-9473 | |

The driving force behind our practice is providing  holistically, culturally competent, and trauma informed care to the communities we serve.   

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Immigration Mental Health Evaluations Training 

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